Department of Psychology

The department of Psychology was established in 2023 with the course BSc Psychology. It was inaugurated by the honourable Member of Parliament representing Alappuzha, Adv. A. M. Ariff. The faculty of department of Psychology consists of the Head of the department Rev. Fr. Tijo Pathalil and Ms. Sheethal Pious Cyriac.

The graduate course in Psychology, helps in understanding and learning to improve mental health, being aware and accepting developmental disabilities and unfolding the intricacies of human behaviour and human interactions in personal and professional spaces. The department also offers a counselling facility for the students along with various other activities for the betterment of educational experience.

Scope and career prospects:
Students usually complete a master's degree in any of the fields in psychology before entering the workforce.
Some of the fields in psychology are:
- Clinical Psychology
- Counseling psychology
- Social work
- Organizational Psychology
- Human Resources
- Child Psychology/School Psychology
- Neuropsychology
- Forensic Psychology
- Sports Psychology

Our Faculty

Rev. Fr. Tijo Pathalil


Msc Psychology

Msc Family Therapy and Counselling

Sheethal Pious Cyriac

Asst. Professor

Msc Developmental Cognitive neurosciences (University of York, UK)

Msc Psychology (Rajagiri college of social sciences)